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Introducing the new take on
the traditional corner store!

This modern twist on a classic staple of small town life offers a unique and innovative shopping experience. With a focus on sustainable and locally sourced products, the Elsie’s 2.0 Corner Store in Central New Annan is dedicated to supporting the community and preserving the traditional values of the town. From fresh produce and artisanal goods, to handcrafted items and unique gifts, this store has something for everyone. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, friendly staff, and commitment to sustainability, the new corner store is more than just a place to shop – it’s a hub for the community and a celebration of local culture.



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Locally Sourced Products

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Sherril & Pierre

Meet Sherril and Pierre, the proud owners of Elsie’s 2.0 Corner Store in New Annan. These two visionary entrepreneurs have a passion for helping their community and supporting local businesses.  

Sherrill and Pierre saw an opportunity to revitalize the traditional corner store and create a new gathering place for the people of the North Shore. Their commitment to sustainability and local sourcing is evident in every corner of the store, from the carefully curated selection of goods to the warm and inviting atmosphere.

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Choose from a wide variety of locally sourced products

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Elsie’s 2.0 Corner Store in New Annan plays an important role in supporting and strengthening the local communities. 

 We provide a source of essential goods such as food, toiletries   and other household items sourced where possible from a  wide selection of local vendors. 

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Where Elsie’s 2.0 Corner Store sits there used to be a General Store which was built in 1945 by Freddy Langille. Freddy Langille moved to Dartmouth with his new bride in 1953 at which time Alton, Freddy’s brother, took over and changed the name to Alton M. Langille Groceries. He carried everything from soup to nuts. Alton apparently was quite the jokester and loved handing out penny candy to the neighbourhood children. Alton and Elsie married in 1967. Elsie helped Alton run the store until his death in 1971. Most of the community remembers the store as Elsie’s since she continued running it until it burned in 1987. 
Pierre and Sherril purchased the original property on which the Langille homestead still stands a few years ago and wanted to revive a much loved tradition, to have a convenience store in Central New Annan. Elsie’s 2.0 Corner Store rose from the memory of Elsie’s in days gone by. To honour one of those memories Elsie’s 2.0 Corner Store carries penny candy and loves filling the bags for big and small kids. Elsie’s 2.0 has a great foundation on which to build and create new memories in Central New Annan.